500 people across region show for EMS conference

MARQUETTE — The UP–EMS conference kicked off today at NMU’s University Center.

Over 500 hundred people from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada made it to the 34th annual UP–EMS conference. Although there are several conferences available throughout the Midwest, there are several reasons the one in Marquette ranks supreme.

“They learn the latest skills, techniques, equipment and the new things that are out there,” said UP–EMS Executive Director Bob Struck, “and also learn from each other to re–enforce them on how to handle emergency patients.”

The conference held in Marquette is also considered the best bang for your buck, offering close to 30 credits for only $150 dollars. One of the most valuable aspects for conferences like these includes interaction with EMS personnel from different departments.

“It’s a lot of sharing things that are going on within your organization,” said Paramedic and Nurse Practitioner Amy Brewbaker, “things that they’ve tried, things that have gone well, things that haven’t gone well, changes in policies and procedures. It’s nice to talk about those things on a professional level.”

“They need to have that support from each other that reminds them that what they do is critically important,” added Struck, “They’re helping people, they’re saving lives. This conference gives them the motivation, the skills, and the re–enforcement so they can do their job when they’re called upon to do so. ”

Most people involved with EMS in the U.P. are volunteers, giving up their free–time to help others in need.

The UP–EMS conference also honors and recognizes their dedication and hard work.

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