MARQUETTE — The city of Marquette is going through a number of changes these days, none bigger than the transition that’s currently underway in the city manager’s office.

ABC 10 sat down with the acting city manager, Chief of Police Mike Angeli, to get his thoughts on his new position and his future with the Marquette City Police Department.

“39 years ago I made an effort to join the police department. I had a great opportunity at the time and I had many great opportunities since,” said Angeli.

Mike Angeli knows Marquette. He’s lived here all of his life. Angeli graduated from Marquette Senior High School and Northern Michigan University. For nearly four decades, he’s been a part of the Marquette City Police Department.

“It’s been a great feeling to help people that I knew in making their community safe. It’s been an enjoyable experience,” added Angeli.

Angeli planned on retiring as a police officer. He still plans to do that, but now, he’s taking on a different role as the acting city manager. Angeli has been in this position before.

“I learned in 2010 that it’s a very busy job,” said Angeli. “There’s a lot going on. We’re just moving all the time, growing, changing… good things are happening.”

Angeli expects to be named the city manager on a permanent basis in the near future. That raises the question of who will replace Angeli as the Chief of Police?

“I feel comfortable that there will be a person available to appoint to the position of Chief of Police when the time is appropriate,” he said. “We groom our own people and it’s always been a positive thing. I had that luxury going through the department. I learned from the people in front of me.”

The city manager, which Angeli is, will get to name the new Chief of Police. The Marquette City Commission would then have to approve Angeli’s decision. With his focus on the city manager’s job, Angeli says priority number one is to see the new hospital plans all the way through.

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