Time to choose your ‘School of Choice”

ISHPEMING — It’s not something many of us are ready to think about but the first day of school is just about a month away.

For some parents, now is the time to start thinking about where you are going to send your child. The Michigan “Schools of Choice” program provides students with options on where they want to go to school. You can go to a school outside your district or choose what school within your district you want to attend.

“It certainly make school systems more competitive and keeps them on their toes a little bit. At the end of the day I think it is a positive if you are competitive with the programs you offer, socially, academically, athletically, you open the door for families to go and take advantage of those programs,” said John Summerhill, Ishpeming School Superintendent.

School participation in the program is optional. It requires keeping track of students transferring, graduating as well as the number of new kids coming in.
All factors that affect budgeting.

“Financially it is always a guessing game, who’s coming, who’s going, some schools have a specific amount of students they allow in, others are open with an unlimited number of students, added Summerhill.

The fist day of school for District 1 is September 8. Superintendent Summerhill says give them a call at (906) 485-5501 x131 for information needed for enrollment in their “Schools of Choice” program.