ISHPEMING — Danielle Davis and Sarah Mac started their second week in their Crossfit 906 Fitness challenge. This week after their introduction to Crossfit workouts, they are focusing on eating right.

There are a ton of different fad diets out there promising quick results with little sacrifice, but is that really how it works? Crossfit trainers usually recommend a zoning diet to start.

Crossfit trainer Megan Gauthier says, “It teaches people how to eat healthy, what is healthy, what you should avoid. It’s a great way if you want to lose weight fast, it’s a great way to go about, but it’s not something you can maintain for life.”

Crossfit trainer and nutrition pro Megan Gauthier says if you want to see long–term results it’s more of a lifestyle change.

“I always tell people to start with their three macro–nutrients,” added Gauthier, “the protein, the carbohydrates and the healthy fats. If you can start there and somewhat get a balance, you’ll be doing good.”

Just like in Crossfit, or any other fitness challenge, sometimes nutritional changes will take baby–steps.

“It’s a hard process. That’s why I say you slowly, slowy do it,” Gauthier says, “but everything’s in moderation. If you can do 80 / 20 on your food, 80% eat healthy and 20% have a little cheat meal, here and there you’ll be doing good, just fine.”

A good place to start is cutting out pop or other foods and drinks that are high in sugars and empty calories. Consuming empty calories means eating and drinking foods that have no nutritional value but still rack up your calorie and sugar counts.

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