MARQUETTE — While running and biking may be popular workouts, they may not be right for all people, at least to start…which is why the local YMCA offers a class called Walking off the Weight.

According to Healthy Living Leader for the Marquette County YMCA, Christina Bennett the walking class isn’t just a stroll in the park. The goal of the class is to build a foundation for exercising and to start healthy habits.

Bennett says, “There’s still a lot of folks that, they’re not ready to run, or they are not able to go for bike, to do biking, so I was like ‘Well what can we do?’ Well we can walk, and we can walk at different levels, and so it’s about meeting folks at their level and kind of going from there.”

The class is a low-impact workout for participants of all levels and with varied health histories. The class uses the natural hiking and biking terrains for their paths and city settings, too.

Participant Amy Anderson says, “I like how we’ve used the exercise bands, and we went to one of the playgrounds and we talked about some different ways to use equipment there to do strength training. I think anybody could get something out of this class, if they wanted just a general introduction to easy fitness. There’s nothing to be intimidated by or afraid of, it’s really easy to do.”

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