Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly raffle approaching

HOUGHTON — The drawing for a raffle to help raise money for Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly is quickly approaching. You can still get tickets and help this important organization.

They’re known for their giving, through holiday dinners, friendly visits, and social events geared toward seniors who might otherwise be alone. Now is a chance to give back to them. Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is selling raffle tickets to help raise funds for their many programs.

“The money that we get from this raffle is going to go towards our core programs-our friendly visiting program, medical transportation program and our wood-cutting program and, again, this is just a nice way for us to bring in some income to help these very important programs that we provide for elderly friends,” said Little Brothers Executive Director Cathy Aten.

The raffle has a grand prize of $5,000 as well as additional prizes of $1,500 and $1,000. Tickets are still available at $25.00 each. If all of the tickets are not sold…the raffle will convert to a 50/50. The drawing will take place this Saturday at a Pancake Breakfast being held at their location in Hancock.