Golf course aims to lower scores for golfers

GWINN — Golf is by far one of the more difficult sports to play.

Getting that little white ball into that little hole can be extremely frustrating at times. To help make the game a little more fun, one golf course has made getting the ball in the hole a little easier.

Red Fox Run in Gwinn has made some modifications to its facilities. Each of the eighteen holes on the course has two pins on it.

One hole location has your standard four and a half inch diameter hole. The other pin has a hole diameter of eight inches, giving golfers a better chance of putting the ball in the cup.

“As of Sunday when we cut those on Friday, we already had one person that put one in for a hole in one,” said Gene Parlato, the General Manger at Red Fox Run. “I think for people, it will be there for a while and see that it’s going to help our beginners and some of the older people that have trouble with putting and also reaching the greens.”

The larger holes will be in play all year long, including this weekend, when the golf course holds a four person, big hole scramble.