UPAWS celebrates National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

NEGAUNEE — If you’re looking to adopt a new four-legged furry friend, the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter might have just the deal for you.

June is nationwide adopt a shelter cat month, and the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter is celebrating the season.

“At UPAWS we celebrate cats all year long but we do an extra celebration in June for them. So we’re offering some wonderful promotions. All month long, the kitty-cats that are six months and older are going to be half off their adoption rate. So you can adopt a kitty from no fee all the way up to $32.50 and that includes their spay, their neuter, vaccinations, rabies immunization, micro-chip, health check and tons of love,” said Ann Brownell, the Community Outreach Coordinator at UPAWS.

Cats can be a lovable, lower maintenance alternative to getting a dog, and Brownell says there are lots of fuzzy fur-balls that would fit perfectly in your home.

“Adopting a cat is a wonderful experience. If you’re not a cat person, come on out! We would love to show you the cats. There’s so many different temperaments. There’s really playful ones, there’s couch potato ones, there’s ones that are right in between and they really give you a lot of comfort and joy,” Brownell added.

The event runs the entire month of June. If you’d like more information on adopting a cat, or any pet at UPAWS, follow this link.