ISHPEMING — Dining apps, fitness apps, and whatever you are thinking… there’s an app for that as well.

More than 75 billion apps have been downloaded from the apple store. Nowadays most major stores, retailers and companies also have an app. Becoming even more popular in the world of electronics are the e–coupons from stores and business but one leader in the movie rental industry just got even more creative with a “Scratch that App”. Just rub with your finger across your phone screen and incredibly your coupon is revealed. Those experiencing the new technology are just amazed.

“Wow, I was like oh my, that’s actually very cool. I am a techie, you bet. I would use it and I know my wife would use it because she is even more of a techno geek that I am,” said Walter Peterson, self proclaimed Techie.

As with most push notifications with companies like Redbox you have to sign up to receive the e–coupons, so you won’t be spammed or receive unwanted promotions