NMU basketball team to hold special events this summer

MARQUETTE — If your basketball skills need some tweaking, Northern Michigan’s basketball camp is right around the corner.

The skills camp will take place from June 29th to July 2nd and it will be broken down by age group. Third to fifth graders will learn the fundamentals, junior high students will be put into games with NMU players coaching them and high schoolers will get the full college experience.

“And that is literally, we are going in and you are going through a college basketball practice. So you really get the full benefit of understanding really what it takes to be a college basketball player. And that group last year was about twelve and this year, we’re hoping to see that really build up because it was such a great experience for those guys to come in and get a full flavor of what it’s all about,” Sall said.

All on the calendar is the three on three tournament which will take place on June 6th and 7th. Sall says it’s a great chance for everyone to come out and participate in some friendly competition.

“Here we have the Dome. A great facility to be able to play and play under one roof. And an opportunity for all ages, from grade school all the way to the open division which is for guys my age, to come and play a little hoop,” said Sall.

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