Marquette City Commission discusses smoking, food trucks

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Commission held a regular meeting Monday. They discussed many issues concerning the community.

One of the first things on the agenda was the discussion of a new Freedom of Information Act Policy.

“They’re being updated because of a new state law passed and we have to comply with that. So, we’re adopting a policy to conform with the state rules for FOIA,” said Marquette City Mayor, Mike Coyne, “It really isn’t anything new or different. We’ve been following the state law, it’s just a new law and I don’t think there’s much change.”

The state of Michigan now requires that cities have written guidelines for FOIA requests.

Also on the agenda, two ordinances were scheduled for public hearing. The first concerns a possible smoking ban at Presque Isle Park. This ordinance was proposed by the Presque Isle Advisory Committee and would ban smoking of any kind at the park.

The second concerned the ongoing Food Truck Ordinance Debate. Mayor Coyne says he expects the ordinance to be tweaked a lot before it’s passed.