ONTONAGON COUNTY — Canadian-based Highland Copper Company says that recent test drilling at its White Pine North site in Ontonagon County has confirmed the results of earlier tests indicating that the area contains commercially viable amounts of copper and silver.

The area Highland is exploring is immediately to the north of the old mine which produced 4.5 billion pounds of copper since its opening in 1952 until it closed in 1995. Highland sank 27 diamond drill holes in January and February of this year to conduct the test. That effort followed up some drilling they did last year.

Highland says the results are consistent with previous tests done showing an ample mineral supply. The company says it will do additional testing this summer if funding is available.

Highland recently announced that it had raised 7.6 million dollars through a private share sale. It also recently agreed to lease the mineral rights to more than 1,800 acres that were not included with its pending purchase of the White Pine North site.