NMU President speaks out about teacher contract talks

MARQUETTE — Teacher contract talks picked back up today between NMU university officials and teachers after they held a protest on Thursday.

Filing into today’s meeting were concerned teachers and university officials. They’ve been at it for months and they are hoping today will be a day all about resolutions.  NMU President Fritz Erikson met with the American Association of University Professors to try and work toward that resolution.

“I think we have made tremendous progress in the negotiations, the negotiations have been cordial and direct. I think they have been effective. I am here today to answer questions and take concerns people have and hopefully work toward a conclusion of this contract in pretty short order,” said NMU President Fritz Erickson.

The current NMU teachers contact ends at the end of May. Due to new legislation teachers contracts can’t be extended. The current major sticking points are pay and healthcare.