Students celebrate first year at Graveraet Elementary School

MARQUETTE — With the school year winding down and wrapping up, Graveraet in its’ first year as a K-5 elementary school has some good news to share.

At this week’s school board meeting, a presentation was given with words and photos from Graveraet students, expressing why they like their new school so much. The kids that make up Graveraet elementary school are from Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills. Graveraet becoming a neighborhood elementary school was made possible due to re–districting.

“The main objective was to lower the class sizes in all the elementary classrooms by growing another elementary school so that, say, instead of having 35 students in a class we could maybe, hopefully have 25 to 28 students,” said Principal Sarah Kemppainen

Graveraet used to be the alternative high school bu those students are now at Vandenboom. Graveraet has about three hundred students.

“I did not set out to have it be predetermined, we’ve kind of had the attitude together as an unpainted canvas when we came together at the beginning of the school year and what we would like that canvas to look like after a year of being together growing kids and families. And I’m thinking I’m loving what it is becoming,” added Kemppainen.

The principal says she is excited for next year as the curriculum will include more project–based learning.