Legal proceedings continue for retail fraud suspect

IRON MOUNTAIN — A Norway man accused of retail fraud has not yet received his sentence.

24-year-old Steven Gerow was scheduled for sentencing in Dickinson County Circuit Court Monday, but the sentencing was not completed. Gerow will be retaining another attorney and is scheduled for a motions hearing on May 4th. Another sentencing date has not yet been scheduled.

Gerow had initially pleaded not guilty to two counts of first–degree retail fraud and one second–degree count, but later entered a guilty plea to a single first–degree count. ‘Habitual offender, third offense’ status was also attached to his case.

The Iron Mountain Police arrested Gerow last June after the Walmart store in Iron Mountain filed a fraud complaint. When officers arrived, they found Gerow fleeing the store’s loss prevention staff. Police also said they later recovered several thousand dollars in stolen merchandise from his house.