MARQUETTE — Lunch had a different meaning to it this afternoon at one Upper Peninsula school.

Marquette Alternative High School hosted this year’s Empty Bowls Soup Lunch. Through a collaboration of different groups, the event strives to fight hunger. The bowls that served up lunch were hand crafted and painted by the students.

“The event was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams.” Said President and founder of Marquette Ending Hunger, Lauren Larsen. “It was incredible. So far we’ve had about 150 people come and purchase bowls and purchase meals. And donating to the silent auction. We have some amazing musicians who have been performing all morning. It’s just been an incredible event to see how much effort and how much passion is behind the Marquette community.”

When all of the money is added up, the proceeds from the fundraiser will be split between two different charities, Operation Aoy and Freedom From Hunger. Marquette Ending Hunger also partnered with North Star Academy and the N.M.U. Ceramic Collective Club to help make the event happen.