MARQUETTE — With the last dregs of winter still clinging on, many of us are still feeling the symptoms of the winter blues.

NMU’s Dining Service might have a remedy you’ll enjoy. This week kicked off Northern’s annual Pigstock Party, a celebration of all things bacon and beyond. NMU dining establishments across campus will be offering up special dishes that incorporate bacon and pork.

“A lot of the students here at Northern love bacon, so if we’re able to give them more options with bacon, then they’re excited to try it, and we’re just trying to help them get through the rest of the semester,” said Stephanie Raboin, Marketing Manager for NMU Dining Services.

Last year, Pigstock was a one day event, but this year Dining Services decided to extend the party, and give an extra boost to students trying to make it through winter semester For part of the coming week, different restaurants will host the party. Pigstock is at Fiera’s today. It’ll move to Melted till Wednesday next week, and finish off at Temaki and Tea till Friday.

“We’re moving it to the retail locations to kind of spread out the party and spread out the opportunity for pigstock to touch several of our dining establishments. So, we’re giving each of them two or three days to have a special menu and special prizes and raffles and give students the chance to travel with the party,” added Raboin.

You can find all the piggy menu options here.