International ski jumpers gear up for Continental Cup

IRON MOUNTAIN — Competition is underway just outside of Iron Mountain as ski jumpers from all over the world will participate in the Continental Cup this weekend.

The Kiwanis Ski Club at Pine Mountain is hosting the event for the 14th time which will feature 56 jumpers from 14 countries, including Canada, Finland and Switzerland. And they all enjoy coming out for this event.

“The ski jump I love it because you’re not so pretty high in the flight and you’re flying along the hill and it’s a pretty nice feeling,” said Andreas Wank, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Today, jumpers began the preliminary rounds of the competition and did have time for some practice jumps. The event continues to have a great reputation around the world.

“People bring stories back to Europe about how great it is here. And the economic impact in Dickinson County can’t be measured,” said event coordinator Susie Fox. “It is a huge phenomenal weekend in the middle of winter that they wouldn’t have otherwise. So we’re going to keep going as long as we can to bring these great ski fans a great tournament and hope the fan base gets bigger.”

The Continental Cup will continue tomorrow and Sunday. For a full schedule of the events, visit The Kiwanis Ski Club website.