MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University has created a local competition to try to get Upper Peninsula high school students more interested in economics. It’s the U.P. Economics Challenge.

The Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship is holding the first round online right now. It ends on March 2nd. High-ranking online teams will be invited to NMU on March 14th for the U.P. championship.

“Teachers can still go on and register their team,” NMU assistant economics professor Dr. Hugo Eyzaguirre said. “They can register as many teams as they want to. We have a teacher that has registered five teams, for example!”

The U.P. champion is guaranteed a spot in the state championship in late March. Other U.P. teams may also be invited. The state contest is a qualifier for the online national semifinals in April and the national finals in May in New York City.

“It’s to encourage more economic literacy in high schools,” Dr. Eyzaguirre said. “I think it ends up being a very important part of your life, and not a lot of people take a class (in it).”

If you want more information on how to enter, the contest rules and practice tests, you can go to and select ‘Michigan’.

You can also call the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship at (906) 227-2220.