Chromebooks for all M.A.P.S. 5th graders

MARQUETTE — They’re now as ‘smart as a fifth grader’, equipped with the latest technology, Chromebooks.

Marquette Area Public Schools had its board meeting tonight and an impromptu show-and-tell took place. All fifth grade students in the district now have Chrome Books, and they showcased to the board their technological advancements and what they’re able to do with computers.

“We are reaching students at a level that they understand,” said Teacher Mary Bengry, Cherry Creek Elementary. “We are still teaching the same curriculum that we were teaching last year, we are just able to deliver it a bit differently and the kids are more motivated and excited about learning because of the difference with the technology.”

“Instead of going down to the technology room every time we grab a document we can just grab them out of the Chrome Book case and do it in our classroom,” said arimae Holder, 5th grader, Cherry Creek Elementary.

5th grader, Brooklyn Michelin adds, “They’ve changed our education, it’s a lot better, more useful and a lot faster. Instead of having to write reports we can just type them and send to our teachers, it’s really cool.”

With the program being such a success through the Marquette Education Foundation, the school board is looking to equip both 5th and 6th graders with the Chromebooks next year. The program is funded by the Marquette Education Foundation.