Bear parts case suspect receives delay of sentence

HOUGHTON — A Chassell man who was the target of a lengthy DNR undercover investigation for selling bear parts was sentenced in Houghton County District Court this morning.

Danny Loyd, 56, has received a delay of sentence on two counts of selling bear parts and one count of advertising to carry passengers for hire without a certificate of inspection.

The bear parts charges both have a three-month delay. The passengers for hire charge has a 12-month delay. Loyd is on probation during the delays. If he completes it without incident, the charges will be dismissed.

All three counts are misdemeanors. Three other misdemeanor counts have already been dismissed.

Loyd was accused of serving as a supplier of black bear meat and gall bladders. Bear parts are sold on the black market in some areas of Asia because some residents believe them to have medicinal value.