MARQUETTE — NMU students returned to the classroom Monday.

Whether buying books for classes or relaxing in the new Jamrich Hall, students were out in force as the semester kicked off. For some, this is their final semester at Northern, while others are still settling in.

ABC 10 spoke to a few students who talked about what they’re excited for this semester.

“I’m so excited because it’s my last semester,” said senior and English writing major Kaitlin Kolhoff. “After this I get to graduate and be a real grownup, somehow.”

Chelsea Parrish, in her second year as a post-baccalaureate studying management, said, “I’m really excited for my classes this year; they look like they’re going to be great and really interesting. They’re more challenging. I’m getting away from the intro-level classes, more into the meat of my program.”

“This semester I’m really excited coming back, doing classes again, hanging out with friends and the things we’re going to be doing at the Forest Roberts Theatre,” said sophomore and theater major Joseph Hinman.

In addition to the semester, some students are excited at what graduated life will bring, while others are reflecting on their time at NMU.

Looking ahead, Kolhoff said, “For my entire academic life, it’s all been building toward post-graduate. I know, realistically, it’s not going to be much different, but just to finally have the piece of paper that says, ‘I did the thing I was supposed to do.'”

“Meeting all of the people, all of the diversity we get,” Parrish said, thinking back on what she enjoys about Northern. “We get people from Chicago, and people from Chatham; small towns, big cities, and seeing how everybody comes together for the community.”

“It’s really nice here,” Hinman said of the student body. “People are friendly; you can talk to people and they won’t yell at you for some unknown reason.”

Students had to contend with blowing snow and biting wind as they returned to the classroom.