Kaufman Auditorium receives $200k to remodel

The Kaufman auditorium, which is located inside the Graveraet School, is preparing for a makeover. The Theater has received some additional funding and plans for improvements will begin soon. Renovations to the Kaufman Auditorium is helping make it the Premiere Venue for Performing Arts. The Bathrooms were recently upgraded and a contribution by the Kaufman Endowment Fund allowed the stage floor to be renovated along with new curtains and a lighting system. Those who attended Graveraet school remember what a special place the school and Theater are to the community.

“It’s a magical place that has touched just about touched everyone in our community, whether they went to school here or they visited our auditorium which puts on community events, school events and sees over 50,000 patrons and students through it’s doors,” said Sara Cambensy, graduated from Graveraet High School.

And the changes don’t stop there, two additional grants are allowing for more changes and updates, making the 90 year old building with original historic craftmanship to remain a stronghold in the community.

“We received a grant from Cliffs and also the Kaufman Foundation, they each pledged $100,000 and we are making an investment with the auditorium, the dressing rooms and the cafeteria, so it has more of a community flavor, community feel to it so it can appeal to more groups and we can have more groups using the facility,” said Bill Saunders, Marquette School Superintendent.

The Grandchildren of Louis Graveraet Kaufman still contribute to the theater as well as give out scholarships.