Wildcats & Huskies Quarterback Preview

Expectations and spirits are high for the football programs at Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan. They may be rivals, but the Huskies and Wildcats do have something in common. Both teams return the same starting quarterback they had at the end of last season.

Tyler Scarlett and Shaye Brown are in charge on the gridiron for their respective teams. Scarlett returns for his fourth season at the helm of the Huskies offense, so he knows what is expected of him.

“It’s just working on timing, making sure that everyone is on the same page, no jumping offside(s), you know just those little details,” said Scarlett.

The Huskies have been back to work for almost two weeks. Michigan Tech head coach Tom Kearly said that the offense has been good during training camp, but he wants the unit to be, as Coach Kearly put it, sharp by time week one rolls around.

“I think a lot of it is repetition,” said Kearly. “All of the things we put in are now have to just kind of polish them up is the big key right now. Our effort has been good, are energy has been good, we’re just not real sharp yet.”

Tyler Scarlett is the Huskies all–time leader in pass completions, yards, and touchdowns and he’s done it all in just three years. So, what will the senior signal caller do for an encore this season?

“I just have to be a leader for the offense,” said Scarlett. (I have to) get our team in good plays if we’re in a bad play and just keep us on our toes.”

“We think he’s as good as there is. We wouldn’t trade him for anybody,” said Kearly. He has all of the records already. He’s a leader, he’s been a captain, he takes charge of our football team. He’s had a great camp and we’re real excited about his senior season.”

At Northern Michigan University, Shaye Brown enters his sophomore season for the Wildcats. He was at the bottom of the depth chart last season. Midway through the year, Brown found himself as the ‘Cats starting quarterback. Those six starts Brown made last season were a big help in his development coming into his second year.

“Last year I was just real nervous just trying to catch up to everyone else. This year I’m coming in way more confident, way more prepared, and I know the offense a lot better than I did as a freshman,” said Brown.

“With spring ball and camp this year, I think he’s really transformed and transcended into a confident kid who can read defenses and make adjustments on the fly,” said NMU senior wide receiver about Brown.

“Last year you could tell when we’d run a check he would kind of (hesitate), but this year he’s out there with full confidence, sitting in the back of the pocket. As an offensive line to know that your quarterback has trust in you,” said NMU junior offensive lineman about Brown’s development as the team’s starting quarterback.

Wildcats head coach Chris Ostrowsky loved what Brown brought to the playing field when he recruited him in high school.

“When we recruited Shaye, I thought that he was pretty special. There weren’t probably a lot of guys who shared that evaluation, but I thought that he was a big, strong young man that can make some throws and do some things indicative of finding some success in this conference.”

Michigan Tech begins the season on Sept. 4 at Wayne State. Northern Michigan’s season opener is a home against Northwood on Sept. 6.