Two injured in Iron Mountain car accident

A Niagara woman and her daughter were injured in a car accident in Iron Mountain on Sunday. (Photos taken by Amy Hagerty, courtesy of Jason Asselin)

A Niagara woman and her daughter are recovering from injuries they suffered in a car accident in Iron Mountain.

Amy Hagerty of Niagara took these photos and Iron Mountain-area resident Jason Asselin provided them to us.

The Iron Mountain Police Department has not released any information yet.

Asselin said the accident happened on W. B Street Sunday afternoon.  According to Asselin, the white car seen here apparently ran through a stop sign, and Hagerty could not stop the blue minivan that she was driving in time to avoid hitting it.

Asselin said Hagerty and her daughter were taken to Dickinson County Memorial Hospital for treatment.  He said they both suffered whiplash, with Hagerty also sustaining a back injury and her daughter hurting one of her forearms.

The driver of the white car was apparently arrested for driving without insurance.