Tebo leaves Redmen for a new coaching gig

Matt Tebo has lived in Marquette all of his life. Soccer has always been a big part of his world.  Now, Tebo is turning his passion for the game into a full-time job.

Tebo accepted a coaching job with the Wisconsin Rush, one of the top premiere soccer clubs in the Midwest.  Leaving the Marquette Senior High School boys’ soccer team was not an easy decision for Tebo. The Redmen won 59 games and four Upper Peninsula. Championships in the four seasons Tebo was in charge of the program.

The job with the Wisconsin Rush is the next step up in the coaching ladder for Tebo. His coaching gig with the Rush could lead him towards an even bigger job someday. But, Tebo says he never wants to lose sight about what coaching is all about.

Tebo moves to Wisconsin next month to begin his job with the Rush.