‘Border Bash’ Basketball All-Star Game info

The Kiwanis Club of Ironwood decided to bring back the ‘Border Bash’ All–Star Game this year. The top boys and girls basketball players from Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula will play against each other on Tuesday in Ironwood.

Westwood high school girls basketball coach Kurt Corcoran will coach the Michigan girls team. Coach Corcoran has two of his outgoing seniors: Caitlin Hewitt and Lizzy Dauphinais-VanBuren on the Michigan squad. For Corcoran and Dauphinais-VanBuren, the game is a great way for everyone on both sides to have a little fun.

“This is going to be something that we’re going to remember for a long time,” said Corcoran. “It’s just an honor to be asked to play or coach in a game like this. Anytime we can represent ourselves (the U.P.) in this sort of a showcase, it’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I think it’s an honor for me and Caitlin (Hewitt) to be playing in this big game because we are showing our community how good we can be,” said Dauphinais-VanBuren. “It’s going to be fun having Coach Corcoran be my coach for one more game. I want to win.”

The ‘Border Bash’ will be an all–day affair. The girls will have a three point shooting contest, while the boys will try their best to throw it down in a slam dunk contest. The girls basketball game tips off at 6pm CST. The boys game takes place ninety minutes later at 7:30pm CST.



Julia Daavettila, Dollar Bay, 5-9, forward
Caitlin Hewitt, Westwood, 5-7, guard
Taylor Nemi, Ewen-Trout Creek, 5-6, forward
Kelsie Richards, Houghton, 5-8, forward
Sarah Trudgeon, Bessemer, 5-6, forward
Brooke Turin, Ontonagon, 5-7, guard
Madi Swanson, L’Anse, 5-1, guard
Lizzy Dauphinais-VanBuren, Westwood, 5-7, forward
Valerie Rajala, L’Anse, forward

Coach: Kurt Corcoran, Westwood


Janice Anderson, South Shore, 5-4, guard
Abby Bieber, Coleman, 5-6, guard
Karleigh Cody, Ladysmith, 5-5, guard
Meg Ellias, Mellen, 5-9, center
Sophie Habas, Ashland, 5-6, guard
Ashley Mai, Northland Pines, 5-8, guard
Carly Ridderbush, Northland Pines, 5-9, forward
Mackenzie Sadowski, Coleman, 5-10, center
Mariah Stoll, Ladysmith, 5-5, guard
Ashley Volkmann, Phelps, 5-9, forward

Coach: Larry Bergum, Northland Pines



Malachi Bush, Chequamegon, 6-1, guard
Jake Colassaco, Hurley, 5-10, guard
Don Gordon, Bayfield, 6-2, guard
Brad Holcombe, Lakeland, 6-3, forward
Brett Rozier, Washburn, 6-0, forward
Austin Salzgeber, Medford, 6-3, forward
Zach Walker, Niagara, 6-1, guard
Jared Wendt, Hurley, 6-3, forward
Tom Whiting, Ashland, 6-6, center
Robert Wilkins, Washburn, 6-0, forward
Colton Volkmann, Rhinelander, 6-4, forward

Coach: Gary Giancola, Hurley


Tyler Cole, Wakefield-Marenisco, 6-0, forward
Trevor Ekberg, North Central, 6-5, center
Trent Keteri, Houghton, 6-1, guard
Ryan LaBerge, L’Anse, 5-11, guard
Adam Mackey, Ironwood, 6-3, forward
Justin Nyquist, Gwinn, 6-4, forward
Bryant Rowe, Ironwood, 6-2, forward
Jimmy Veker, L’Anse, 6-3, forward
Travis Vincent, North Central, 6-2, forward
Luke Woods, Westwood, 6-2, guard
Ben Zielinski, Bessemer, 6-2, forward

Coach: Jim Partanen, Bessemer


All of the events will take place at the Lundquist Center in Ironwood. All of the events are Central Standard Time (CST).

11:30-11:45am: Michigan girl’s 3-point & free throw contest qualifying round

3:15-3:30pm: Wisconsin girl’s 3-point & free throw contest qualifying round

3:30-4:15pm: Michigan boy’s 3-point and slam dunk contest qualifying round

5:15-5:30pm: Wisconsin boy’s 3-point and slam dunk contest qualifying round

6pm: Girl’s game (Halftime: finals for the 3-point & free throw contests)

7:30pm: Boy’s game (Halftime: finals for the 3-point & slam dunks contests)