MSP Troopers learn underwater training at Michigan Tech

The Michigan State Police are jumping on board a special training regiment at Michigan Tech to find out how to conduct underwater retrievals.

Staff from the Great Lakes Research Center sent out boats to train troopers on how to use underwater sonar equipment Thursday and Friday.  Troopers were also shown advanced search and recovery techniques.

Sergeant Steven Derusha said they came to MTU because the staff had purchased similar equipment and were well-versed on how to the use them.

“They are experts in it,” he said.  “They have some students here who are very sharp and learn this equipment very quickly and are teaching some old troopers how to use new stuff. It’s invaluable training. We couldn’t have got it anywhere else.”

Officials from the GLRC said the sonar machines can send signals as far as the length of a football field, which helps police when they are searching for larger objects like cars or airplanes.

“Now we can tow a sonar fish that shoots side scan sonar 50 meters to each side so we can cut 100 meter swap with each pass and cover that lake,” Derusha said.

The Michigan State Police said sessions like these help troopers stay up to date with the latest in technological advancements.