Marquette teachers will demonstrate with flash mob shopping spree

Marquette Area Public Schools teachers once again demonstrated outside their schools today to protest the continued lack of a contract.

Several drivers honked their support of teachers at Superior Hills Elementary School as they passed by on the morning commute. Teachers, students and supporters will be participating in a flash mob shopping spree this weekend as another way to demonstrate their importance to the community.

“We were thinking that it was a way to bring us all together, do something that would help our community and also show the economic impact that we have in our community,” Superior Hills Elementary School third-grade teacher Kim Masich said.

An additional motivation for the shopping spree extends beyond affecting the community.

“The percentage that Econo[Foods] gives back to the shoppers from their little tags, that will go to the Tami Bott family,” Masich said. “Tami Bott is a principal in our district that is very ill right now, and we’re trying to help support her family.”

The flash mob shopping spree is on Sunday from two to four at Tadych’s EconoFoods on O’Dovero Drive in Marquette, south of US-41.

Negotiations between the teachers and the school board are ongoing. Teachers will continue to demonstrate every Friday, and on each Monday that the school board meets, until a resolution is reached.