Students celebrate Excellence in Education with tour at NMU

Cliffs Natural Resources celebrated its 25th annual Excellence in Education today by taking students from four school districts on tours around the county.

One of the tours took students through NMU’s Jacobetti Complex, where they were shown various labs and industrial or technology based classes.

Bob Eslinger, Director of the Center for Innovation and Industrial Technologies, said, “So the kids got a chance to go into labs such as the CNC lab, the aviation maintenance lab, and they got a chance to see one of the projects that’s going on down here with high school students as well.”

Although this is the 25th year for Excellence in Education, this was the first year Cliffs brought students to the Jacobetti Complex. For NMU it was a great opportunity to get high school students in the complex and show them what the school has to offer.

“We’re always excited to have any high school students, or any students, down here so they get a chance to see what we offer within the 21 programs that are down here at the Jacobetti Complex,” Eslinger said. “It really gives us a chance to show off what’s going on in this facility as well as at the university.”

In addition to the Jacobetti Complex, Cliffs also took students on tours at the Iron Industry Museum, the Tilden Mine facility and the Empire Mine.