Managing Snow Removal

Snowfall for the area is about 30 inches below average.

That might come as a surprise given the record cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

Marquette City Officials held a Snow Summit last night to assess how snow removal has been going, address resident complaints and start preparations for next winter.

The city budgeted just over a million dollars for snow removal for the winter and so far they are close to exhausting that account. The open forum style meeting was held to let residents express their concerns and present ideas for constructing an improved system. Marquette is hailed as a walkable city, and officials want to make sure the appropriate areas are plowed.

“I know from the public works perspective a lot of complaints are generated around I just plowed my driveway and now a plow just went through and put the snow back in my driveway, things along those lines. The feedback we get from the community regarding snow management is either positive or negative based on their personal experience without looking at the whole responsibility of snow management,” said Dennis Stachwewicz, Director of Planning & Community Development, Marquette.

Comments and suggestions for improving the system will be drafted into a master plan and presented at the next meeting.

You can always express your opinion on the city’s website at and click on “Contact Us.”