Wisconsin man arraigned in Iron Mountain armed robbery

A 35-year-old Niagara, Wisconsin man is facing a number of charges stemming from an armed robbery incident that took place in Iron Mountain last summer.

Gene Hebert was extradited to Michigan from Pennsylvania earlier this week and was arraigned in Dickinson County District Court Wednesday.

He is charged as a habitual offender, second offense on three charges: armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and first degree home invasion.  Hebert is also charged with larceny in a building from a separate incident.

Hebert and two other suspects, a 26-year-old Florida woman and 17-year-old Jacelin Sims, were involved in the alleged armed robbery.

Police say the incident occurred on the 200 block of West Brown Street in August 6, 2013.  Three three suspects dressed in black entered a home, robbed a man at knife point, stole cash, and the man’s medical marijuana.

Sims was sentenced in December and now faces three to fifteen years in jail.

Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards said the woman is still in Pennsylvania and is expected to be extradited to Michigan by Monday.