Verification schedule changes for registered sex offenders

Registered sex offenders in Michigan will have new rules next week on how they verify their address and when to report to police.

Public Act 149 of 2013 takes effect on April 1st. It gives registered sex offenders one full month to verify their address with law enforcement, rather than just the first 15 days of the month. Verification schedules will now also be based on the offender’s birth month.

Tier I offenders will only have to report once a year, sometime during their birth month. Tier II offenders must report two times a year, during their birth month and six months from then. Tier III offenders will have to report four times a year, quarterly, beginning with their birth month.

All registered sex offenders will also now have to pay an annual $50 registration fee during their first verification reporting month each year. Offenders who fail to report for verification or pay the annual registration fee may be charged with a misdemeanor and prosecuted.

Sex offenders are required to report on a regular basis to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over their residence to verify their address as detailed in The Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act, Public Act 295 of 1994.