Powell Township residents hear update on the Co. Rd. 510 and AAA Project

Powell Township residents heard an update on the County Road 510 and AAA Project Thursday night.

70% of the plans are completed for the 510 portion of the project, and a meeting with the Marquette County Road Commission was a chance for residents to ask questions or raise concerns with the construction.

Residents have been concerned about the loss of canopy cover on stretches of County Road 510.  The road commission has started clearing out parts of the canopy.

“The plan for the road is we–the board–to take some of those concerns into consideration for the 510 piece that we’re going to be talking about tonight (Thursday),” Marquette County Road Commission Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki said.  “The canopy will not be preserved in total, but we’re going to minimize the clearing to ten foot on each side.”

“The 510 section is relatively minimum clearing and using more of the existing footprint, whereas the AAA section is more of a rebuild and a relocation of the AAA in that location.  We’re looking to have a certain width and have good drainage and make sure we have plenty of snow storage for winters like this year.”

County Road 510 will be widened to 32 feet across including, a three foot shoulder on each side.

“A national standard is 12 foot (for each lane), 11 foot is kind of pushing it, ten foot is real tight.  For the room and the comfort of the drivers a 12 foot lane is what’s normal,” Iwanicki said.

The road commission will present the rest of the plan to residents in the next few weeks.

ABC 10 will have more on the County Road 510 and AAA Project on Friday’s newscast.