Donckers celebrates Restaurant Week with tasty deals

Marquette Restaurant Week continues with great deals being offered at many establishments.

Donckers may be known best for chocolate, but the historic restaurant also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner from an eclectic menu. This week, the restaurant is offering up deals on their entire menu, including their signature mac and cheese and gourmet sandwiches, rather than a specific dish.

“We have such a large menu, we kind of set ourselves apart from a traditional steakhouse or, you know, Latin restaurant per se, in the sense of, we try to have a little bit of everything,” co-owner and executive chef Shane Baker said. “We have Asian flavors, we have Latin flavors, we have Cajun flavors, we have traditional flavors.”

Restaurant Week helps residents and visitors alike to explore the variety of foods available in the area. It encourages traffic throughout local businesses by bringing good deals to diners.

“This is the week when you get the opportunity to try something new without spending a lot of money to try it, if you don’t like it,” Baker added. “So, it’s a great opportunity to really taste all of what Marquette has to offer.”

Donckers has participated in Restaurant Week since its inception. We’ll have highlights from more participating restaurants as the week continues.