Marquette volunteers are changing lives one head at a time.

The Wig Salon located inside Marquette General Hospital provides wigs to people suffering from illnesses that affect hair loss.  Operating solely on donations, the salon has been in operation for 20 years now.

A woman suffering from breast cancer and losing her hair was the original inspiration.

“Getting that diagnosis of ‘I have cancer’ is so overwhelming, then all the things that happen to your body as a result of the treatment and ravages of cancer,” Hospitality House of the Upper Peninsula volunteer Sue LeGalley said. “Being able to offer something that give them some dignity some sense of self that they can walk around still look okay and be the beautiful person that they are.  You can give medication, but this is something that gives a sense of self worth, sense of identity.”

The wigs are free of charge and available to anyone in need.  The one-on-one private appointments are completely confidential, and all stylists are licensed cosmetologists.

“What a comfort for them to come in work with someone who is a professional who knows how to fit the wig and make them look really nice, it’s a pretty amazing program,” Wig Salon coordinator Dar Shepherd said. “I’ve had guest who are coming from out of town and they say, ‘I’m only going to be there for this day for my chemo, is there any way?’ The stylists are all wonderful and they say, ‘let me change some things around; I will make it work’.”

If you or someone you know is in need of the services of the salon, call (906) 225-7100, and donations are always welcome.