Ishpeming man charged for violating Charitable Solicitation Act

An Ishpeming Township man at the center of a 14-month Marquette County Sheriff’s Office investigation has been charged with violating the State’s Charitable Solicitation Act.

Scott Martin, 42, was arraigned in Ishpeming District Court for the five-year felony count. Martin owns Martin Sports Apparel in Ishpeming Township. He allegedly made an agreement with the Croley family to make “Bubba” T-shirts in memory of their son, Christopher, who died in a drunk driving accident in October 2012. All of the proceeds raised would go to the Bubba Croley Foundation.

The investigation alleges that Martin knowingly misrepresented or misled others in his efforts to raise money, stating that the expected proceeds have not been received. Martin says there were no profits to be had, pointing to the fact that he still has 200 ‘Bubba’ T-shirts in stock. In fact, he says he lost money.

Martin notes that a number of orders were cancelled after Croley’s mother was charged with drunk driving for wrapping her car around a tree.

Martin will be back in court on March 18th for a preliminary exam, where he faces a possible $20,000 fine. Although the proceedings will take place in Ishpeming, the Alger County Prosecutor’s Office will be handling the case.