Snowbanks & winter driving safety

snowbanks drivingMuch of the U.P. received a break from fresh snowfall over the weekend, but there’s now enough snow on the ground for snowbanks to pose visibility problems for drivers.

The Marquette Police say they’re not receiving snowbank complaints about any particular areas of the city ahead of any other. It’s an issue for parking lots and for all residential streets, because there are only so many spaces that snowfall can be plowed into.

“Public Works is doing the best they can to get what snowbanks they can get,” Patrolman Timothy Forslund said. “Obviously, you want to get the high-traffic areas first, so you don’t hear as many complaints through there.”

The Marquette Police just want to remind residents that windshields and road surfaces aren’t the only places where snow and ice buildup can cause a problem while driving.

“All I can tell people is, if you’re having issues getting out, inch your way out,” Patrolman Forslund said. “Be real cautious, and for drivers that have the right of way, be cautious if you see vehicles coming off side streets. They’re just trying to get out. Maybe give them a little bit of room.”

The Marquette Department of Public Works is also asking people to not build tunnels or forts underneath snowbanks. Snow removal crews may not be able to see children playing in the snowbanks, and cave-ins are also possible.