30th birthday for Pigs-n-Heat relief fund

pigs-n-heatFor three decades, firefighters and law enforcement officers in Marquette County have been joining forces to help people in need.

Since the Pigs-n-Heat Fire Relief Fund began in 1984, emergency services from around Marquette County have joined in to help. Its annual charity hockey game provides funds to help families who have been displaced by fire.

“First, three days in a local hotel or motel for the family affected, the whole family, and also each person in the family receives a check for necessities,” Marquette City Fire Chief Tom Belt said. “For, you know, clothing items, for toiletries. Whatever’s needed. To date, we’ve spent over $350,000 on fire relief.”

Both Marquette County and the City of Marquette have honored Pigs-n-Heat with an official proclamation for their contribution to the community. County residents and businesses are what make the fund such a success.

“You say a dollar for a ticket, and they hand you a $20 bill and say ‘keep the change’,” Belt added. “So, people, the generosity of the people and the businesses and the emergency community is what keeps it going, makes it really outstanding.”

This year’s charity hockey game will be held on March 12th at Lakeview Arena in Marquette. For more information on the Pigs-n-Heat Fire Relief Fund, click here.