JT’s Super Bowl Predictions

ABC 10’s Sports Director Jerry “JT” Taylor offers some insight on Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up.

Peyton Manning Russel Wilson (ABC News)Jerry “JT” Taylor
Sports Director

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Anyways- to sports!

This is one of my favorite- and for that matter- least favorite weeks of the year. Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days from being a reality. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will battle for the ultimate title in all of sports- being crowned Super Bowl Champs.

I’m happy that the game is just a few days away, but it also makes me sad that just four quarters is all that is left in the NFL season.

If you ask me, both teams are pretty even when I look at them on TV and on paper. The Broncos have Peyton Manning leading the way. The 37-year old quarterback is seeking his second career Super Bowl championship. On the other hand, the Seahawks have Russell Wilson, the 25-year old quarterback who will play in the Super Bowl just two years into his career.  I give the quarterback edge to Manning, because quite frankly, he just has the experience playing in two previous Super Bowl games.

Looking at the offenses for both teams (remember there are 10 other guys out on the field with both Manning and Wilson), I give the Broncos the edge when it comes to evaluating their wide receivers. Wes Welker and Eric Decker are two of the best slot receivers in the NFL. You add in Demaryius Thomas on the outside, the Seahawks defense will be plenty busy covering the Denver wideouts.

Seattle definitely has the edge on offense when it comes to the running back position. Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is playing at a different level this season. His speed is one thing (a 4.46 40-yard dash), but his ability to keep the play alive with his legs is another. When he gets the ball on Sunday, watch for Lynch to run with speed, agility, and power all at the same time. Lynch has the ability to change the game with just one carry.

The Seahawks biggest advantage going into the game is their DEEEEEFENSE. All eleven players on that side of the football are as good as many defense in the history of football. From the outspoken Richard Sherman to the hard hitting Earl Thomas, Seattle brings it defensively. If the Seahawks can force a turnover or two, they will definitely have a good shot at winning the biggest game in all of football.

My matchups to watch on Sunday:

Peyton Manning Russel Wilson (ABC News)
Peyton Manning & Russell Wilson (ABC News)

-Peyton Manning vs. the Seahawks Defense: I’m only 25, but to me, Manning is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever watched play a game. Watching him read defenses on the fly and his ability to find the right matchup for a particular play just amazes me. Manning has always been to me, like a mad professor. He knows the ins and the outs of the game so well.

-Can Russell Wilson perform under pressure? This will be the biggest game of his life. Wilson has struggled in the playoffs throwing the football. The football ‘experts’ say that Wilson hasn’t thrown the ball well all throughout the playoffs. To me, when you have a running back like Marshawn Lynch, you don’t have to throw the football 35, 40, 45, or 50 times to be successful. Remember, Wilson does have the ability to keep the paly alive with his feet too.

-The weather: Personally, I think having the Super Bowl in a cold weather atmosphere was a great idea. I had a blast at Lambeau Field a few weeks ago for the 49ers vs. Packers game in subzero conditions. The temperature at kickoff is expected to be in the low 30’s, with a chance of a little snow. How cool would it be if it was snowing on the last drive of the game, with one of the teams needing a touchdown to win the Super Bowl??? That’s what I want to see.

PREDICTION TIME! Here we go! Here’s where I make (or lose) my paycheck/reputation/opinion. I think the game will be close at halftime. Whichever team is able to make the necessary changes while Bruno Mars (BOO!!!) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (YES! YES! YES!) entertain America, will win the game.

I will announce my prediction on Friday night during the latest installment of Friday Night Frenzy on ABC 10. Tune in and find out who I’m selecting to hoist the Lombardi trophy at the end of the game.

Stay warm out there! Enjoy the Super Bowl!