Businesses honored for creating jobs

Several businesses were honored Wednesday for efforts in creating and bringing jobs to the area.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership handed out its annual Plus One Awards to 48 local businesses that have added at least one position to their workforce in the past year.

The distinction helps bring attention to those who have directly contributed to the community’s economic growth.

“It’s important for out community to show that kind of growth and offer those opportunities so that we can retain our talent that’s in the area, and attract talent and other businesses, which benefit from the growth of businesses to the area, so it’s a very comprehensive economic development award,” Business Service Manager Wendy Breach said.

The awards help businesses generate increased revenue, which allows them to continue creating jobs.

Some of the companies that were honored this year include Checker Bus, Great Lakes Recovery Center, Dia de los Tacos, Negaunee Public Schools, and ABC 10.