Preserving memories by digitizing old VHS tapes

The key to preserving a memory is to record it, but physical mediums like film and tape erode over time, decreasing the quality of the image or sound.

Superior Productions in Marquette specializes in taking old recordings and digitizing them.

William Thum, a retired Air Force Major, opened the business over twenty years ago.  The small, two-man operation has digitized many formats including 8 mm film and acetate slides, and they even do audio transfers.

“We do an awful lot of VHS transfer, that’s probably the biggest thing we do,” Superior Productions editor Keith Polkinghorne said. “People come in with VHS tapes that they’ve doen with their families over the years and we turn those right into DVD’s.”

VHS tapes and acetate slides is that they deteriorate with age.  The image quality can be improved to a certain extent, but some age stains are permanent.
Digitizing old home movies and wedding videos helps preserve the memories forever.

“The big thing is sharing all of these…shall we call them treasures digitally for your family and people who are going to come after your children, your grandchildren and so on,” Polkinghorne said. “They can put all of this stuff on their computers, share them online, make their own presentations. It’s really valuable.”

Superior Productions also works on commercials and films events like weddings, concerts and even court depositions.

For more information, you can visit Superior Productions’ website.