New Year’s fitness resolution tips

The New Year has a lot of people making the resolution to be healthy and to get in shape, but not everyone is able to keep that resolution.

Fitness experts say that keeping a fitness resolution is possible. It’s all about setting realistic goals and achieving them in steps. You want to track your progress and know that if you’re trying to lose weight, a loss of one to three pounds per week is reasonable.

“If you set as your New Years’ Resolution you are going to exercise seven days a week and you’ve been exercising no days a week, it’s really hard to jump up to that level,” YMCA of Marquette County aquatics director Matt Williams said. “Take it in small chunks. Instead of having this overwhelming goal that, if you try it one or two times and it takes over your life and you can’t do it, or it takes over your life, then it’s much better to start in baby steps and then build up each week.  That way, you can stay on track and it’s manageable for you.”

A few other things that can help stay on track with your fitness resolution is to develop a plan and write it down. Get a work out buddy and hold each other accountable. Reward yourself for meeting incremental goals.