Marquette General visitor restrictions still in place

Marquette General Hospital visitor restrictions are continuing. If you’re feeling under the weather, hospital officials prefer that you not visit patients.

They’re asking that you notify the staff upon your arrival so that they can give you a face mask. They say this is crucial to not only protect patients, but also hospital personnel.

Dr. Kevin Piggott of Marquette General Hospital says, “It also protects our healthcare workers, because if our nurses, then we have fewer people to take care of those that have health care needs. As soon as we start seeing cases of influenza and other respiratory illnesses that can be brought into the hospital to put others at risk, then the decision is made to implement the restrictions.” Said Dr. Piggott.

Visitor restrictions are also still in effect at Bell Hospital in Ishpeming. Only essential visitors are allowed inside.

Children younger than 14 are not allowed in either hospital, except for emergency care and scheduled appointments. Hospital officials say they can’t stress enough the importance of regular hand washing and using hand sanitizers that are at least 60% alcohol.