Marquette’s Arts & Culture Committee working on master plan

The Marquette City Commission heard an update from the city’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee at its meeting Monday night.

The committee is in the beginning stages of creating a master plan.  The plan is designed to get input from the public to see what areas need improvement.

“The big thing we’re trying to do right now in the master planning process is to make sure that we don’t end up overlapping services,” Arts and Culture Advisory Committee Chairman Walt Lindala said.  “We have a lot of great arts in our community provided my many different groups from the city to Northern Michigan University to others.  We want to make sure that we can coordinate all that to make sure we serve the community without overlapping or wasting any tax dollars in the process.”

Lindala said one problem the advisory committee faces is trying to keep people aware about arts and culture in Marquette.

“The big challenge with coordinating arts and culture in this community and this area is to come up with a way of saying all of these things are going on and that people can enjoy them, but we also need to know what those things are.  And right now we’re in that fact-finding process.”

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee is planning on holding public hearings in early 2014 to hear input from residents, and will present the master plan to the City Commission in May 2014.