Gun safety reminders for hunters

The U.P. deer harvest heading downstate over the Mackinac Bridge is down by about 41% from last year, but it has been a safe six days in the woods so far.

Gun safety is a huge concern, in the field and before and after the hunt.

Having the appropriate firearm for your size is one factor.  Others include ear and eye protection.

Most importantly: follow all the fun safety laws.

“If you’ve shot a deer, it’s a good idea to unload that firearm to make it safe,” Michigan Conservation Officer Ryan Aho said.  “You need to have a center fire rifle so you need to make sure you are in compliance with the law, you are not allowed to use a .22 for hunting deer.  You are not allowed to have more than  six rounds in your firearm.  You always want to identify and make sure 110% what you are shooting at.”

“For the kids and smaller stature people, or women, we’ve got some lighter caliber rifles that are not going to kick as much, they’re gonna be loud still but not hurt the person’s shoulder, which makes it more enjoyable for the hunter,” MC Sports Manager Kevin Hayes said.

“The big thing now is people are having a hard time finding the bullets they want, we’re just not seeing the supply meet the demand yet,” Todd Kauppinen of Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming said.

Another important safety reminder: alcohol is not allowed when you are in possession of a firearm.