Board adopts Truth-in-Taxation Resolution

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners adopted a Truth–in–Taxation Resolution at its meeting Tuesday night.

There was a public hearing for the Truth-in-Taxation Resolution to discuss the proposed property tax millage rate for the 2014 fiscal year in Marquette County.

The operational tax millage rate would increase by .3116 mills to total 7.504 mills.  County Commissioner Gerry Corkin said the additional mills will increase the county’s operational revenue by 4.1%.

There was an update on the Martin Lake and Sands Aquifer, and the board appointed a study group for the aquifer to study lake levels.

Marquette County Administrator Scott Erbisch said they are in talks with Senator Tom Casperson to look for water and hydrology study grant funding for both the lake and aquifer.

The board also established salaries for county officers for the 2014 fiscal year.