Bow season opens in Michigan

It was a warm day Tuesday to kick off Michigan’s deer bow hunting season.

Archery season lasts from now until November 14th, and from December 1st through the end of the year.

People can take any deer they kill to a DNR Operation Service Center, where the DNR will take information on the deer.

“You bring your deer in, usually what we’re going to do is look at its teeth, and that helps us to age the deer,” Deputy Public Information Officer with the DNR Debbie Munson Badini said.  “We’ll weigh it and look at the general body condition, and we’ll look at the antlers if it’s a buck.  That helps us determine the age and the health of the deer herd.”

“Registration (of killed deer) is not required in Michigan, but we really encourage it.  It helps us keep tabs on the deer herd.  Plus, if you bring one in you’ll get your deer cooperative patch, which people tend to want to collect.”

Before anyone goes hunting, it is important to take some safety precautions, such as wearing blaze orange, taking a GPS, and let people know where you are hunting.

“Particularly during archery season, a lot of people are using tree stands, so you want to remember to be using a certified safety harness,” Munson Badini said.  “Not just a rope–or some people use a seat belt–that is not safe.  You want to use a certified safety harness when you’re up in the tree so you prevent accidentally falling out of the tree and severely injuring yourself out in the woods.”

People who are not hunting should also wear blaze orange if they are walking in the woods, and put an orange vest or collar on their dogs.

The DNR’s website has more information on bow season, including approved places to hunt, maps, and license information.