The 100 Day Project exhibit opens in Marquette

A new art exhibit is open at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.

The exhibit is called “The 100 Day Project” and highlights nine artists who completed a variety of artwork.

The artists committed to working on their project each day for 100 days.  The exhibit highlights the creative process the artists go through while they complete works of art.

“Each artist started with an idea that they were just exploring over the 100 days and they created a set of rules around the project that supported holding focus for the project,”Co-Director of The 100 Day Project Ann Russ said.  “So everyday for 100 consecutive days artists worked with that idea, and so the work that got created, it is really an example of how an idea got transformed over that period of time.”

“When you come in you will see that it’s a little bit different, you can tell it’s about the creative process and all of the artists are so different from each other, so it’s really wonderful to be in the space and experience it,” Community Services Manager of the Marquette Arts and Culture Center Tiina Harris said.  “What’s so special about this for the city of Marquette Arts and Culture Center is we are going to launch a 100 Day Community Project in January, so the exhibit is a chance (for people) to come and see what’s it all about, and (think) do I want to  take on a challenge like that myself?”

An opening reception takes place on Saturday from 4-7 p.m. at the Arts and Culture Center, which will also feature the opening of the new Smallworks Gallery.

Local artists will be able to sell their work at the new gallery.

For more information on The 100 Day Project, including information on Marquette’s community project in January, you can visit their website.