POW/MIA Recognition Day

The Jacobetti Home for Veterans hosted a ceremony to commemorate POW/MIA Recognition Day.

Friday marked the 35th anniversary of honoring those soldiers.

Dozens of former service men and women gathered in the chapel for songs and remarks to remember soldiers who were prisoners of war or who are still missing in action.

A major theme of the ceremony was to never forget veterans and those soldiers who never made it back home.

“I am so greatful that we have a day to remember them (POW  soldiers) as well as missing in action, which many of them never did come home, and just try for a second to put yourself in their shoes, and the horrendous ordeal that they suffered and some perhaps continue to suffer today,” Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 380 Member Dave Hall said.  “I’m so greatful that our country recognizes and acknowledges their sacrifice.”

Since World War I, 140,000 soldiers are still missing in action, and 138,000 were prisoners of war sine World War II.

Hall said it is important to remember our veterans, those who are still living and those who have died.

“I served myself during the Vietnam War, I have several names on on the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.,” Hall said.  “My dad was a World War II veteran, still going strong.  Koren, Vietnam, and the current conflicts that we’re in…it’s just really important that those people that have served our country–not only those who have received acknowledgement–but that we always remember their sacrifices, because it truly was a major sacrifice.”

A ceremony was also held at the Oscar Johnson V.A. medical center in Iron Mountain.